ecosmart is an environmentally friendly program using recyclable bottles. The cylinder will come with a label that peels off and offers you a return freight free! The cylinder is then cleaned and filled for your reorder, or it is used for another customer. This alleviates the problem of cylinders piling up in a warehouse or worse yet, ending up in our landfills.

ecosmartTM FREE Return Shipping Instructions:

  1. Before returning cylinder, twist M/T Plug into valve. This
    will release any excess pressure. (Return empty cylinder to
    GASCO with M/T Plug installed)
  2. PEEL OFF label wrap by pulling on the perforated strip.
    (Empty sticker is shown)
  3. Generate your FREE label by using the ecosmart returns
    button at
  4. Prepare a box with adequate packing material and ship
    FREE to GASCO!

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