CalGas for Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry commonly uses toxic and inert gases in confined spaces, which require monitoring on a constant basis. It is not uncommon to see both “fixed” (wall mounted) and “portable” gas detection units (GDU’s) in areas like

Laboratories / Production Area / Confined Space / Silos / Industrial Hygiene / and Utility Rooms to name a few.

Depending on the scope of the company, some or many of the following gases could be present. As a result, potential injury or fatality are a real possibility. Those include but aren’t limited to the following;

Combustible Gases / Ammonia /Carbon Dioxide/ Chlorine / Ethanol / Hydrogen / Hydrogen Chloride /Hydrogen Sulfide / Methane / Nitric Oxide / Sulfur Dioxide .

This industry presents challenges and at times these challenges require specialty mixes. We at Cal Gas Warehouse are fully prepared to meet any specialty or rare gas mixture needs. The products displayed on this website represent the most common mixes, however, it does not mean that we can not accommodate you!

We are fully prepared to try and honor any request and help you meet any challenge you may face.
The quality of our precision gas mixtures are second to none and we are prepared to meet the special gas needs presented by the pharmaceutical industry and all other industries! Press the “shop now” button to be on your way to industrial gas buying – made easy!

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