CalGas for Mining (Coal, Metals, Etc)

There are several phases or activities that present their own unique challenges in mining. So much so, we don’t have enough room here to list all of the potentially dangerous scenarios that could arise. Some of the activities that increase the likelihood of hazardous gases being present are blasting, drilling, or just being underground!

In coal mines there is a naturally occurring gas, Methane, that is typically found in the seams. Methane is highly flammable and explosive when it reaches the 5%-14% range. During the oxidation of coal, excess amounts of Carbon Monoxide may be present. Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen are also commonly found in a mining application. All are deadly either by themselves or in combination and must be accounted for.

All persons wearing a gas detection unit (GDU) (AKA sniffer, air monitors) should perform a Bump Test EVERY time a unit is powered up for use. OSHA doesn’t require it (yet) and the manufacturers of the units don’t require it but we at CalGas Warehouse believe it would prevent many more incidents. A calibration is different and should NOT give you peace of mind that all systems are go, just because you are within the calibration date window. Calibrations are necessary to keep the unit from drifting outside of the ranges permitted by the unit. A Bump Test sprays the harmful gases across the sensors and lets the user know that all sensors and alarms are functioning properly RIGHT BEFORE you enter the mine or any area where harmful gases may be present. Please change your habits and change the culture and #BumpIT regularly – IT SAVES LIVES!

We sell our manufacturers’ premium mixtures of calibration and bump gases. All four of our manufacturers are global leaders and players and we are proud to be partnered with them. The products listed on this site are the most commonly requested mixes and sizes, although, we can handle specialty mixes, rare gases and other sizes. Hit the “shop now” tab and be on your way!