CalGas for Industrial Applications and Confined Space

The best way to avoid harmful gases in industrial applications and confined space work is to have properly fitted PPE (if needed), make sure your Gas Detection Units (GDU’s) are fully charged, they are within the calibration window and that the GDU is Bump Tested each time you power the unit up for use.

Industrial is a broad term and the dangers involved within this category are far too many to try and cover here but taking the proper precautions and following the protocols as set forth by your safety director will help mitigate work place accidents or deaths.

Many of the harmful gases that exist in industrial settings are colorless, odorless, tasteless and often found in confined space areas. Even Hydrogen Sulfide, which has a rotten egg smell with small exposure, loses its odor when it gets to deadly concentrations. Fixed and portable GDU’s are the best way to know these gases are present.

Many are under the impression that if their GDU is within the calibration window (usually suggested by the manufacturer) it protects them from any situation. This mindset has gotten people hurt and worse. A calibration simply corrects any drift in acceptable range by the unit but it does not verify that the sensors are in good working order. A bump test sprays harmful gases across the GDU sensors and DOES verify that all sensors and alarms are working, right BEFORE you enter the hazardous area.

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Bump testing SAVES LIVES!