CalGas for Firefighting

As if fighting fires isn’t dangerous enough, after the fire, there are significant silent but deadly gases present.

Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide are colorless, odorless deadly gases and two common gases found in the smoke. All precautions should be taken to make sure properly fitted PPE and Gas Detection Units (GDU’s) do their jobs before firefighters expose themselves to hazards beyond the original fire.

Each fire presents a danger beyond the fire that is being worked. Wildfires, vehicle fires, structural fires, chemical fires etc., all present their own unique dangers after the fire is out and while it is still smoking. Numerous harmful gases are present and in addition to proper fitting PPE, GDU’s should be within the calibration date limit and portable GDU’s should be Bump Tested every time the unit is powered up for use. A bump test takes less than 30 seconds and it verifies that all sensors and alarms on the GDU are working PRIOR to entering the fire/post fire area.

We thank all firefighters and first responders for their heroism and the selfless acts of courage they face daily. While firefighting is risky enough, the above actions can mitigate some of the silent and deadly risks after the fire has been extinguished.

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Bump testing SAVES LIVES!