CalGas for Construction

While construction is a very broad term, there are reasonable expectations on keeping workers safe on a jobsite.

OSHA subpart AA of CFR 1926 lists some of those dangers and OSHA’s suggestions on how to mitigate them
Examples of area of concern listed in the code are;

“pits for elevators, escalators, pumps, valves and other equipment, sewer, storm drain, electrical or other utility manholes, boilers, tanks, cesspools, silos, turbines, HVAC ducts and chillers. A confined space like these may have poor natural ventilation and could contain or produce dangerous air contaminants”
This list is far from complete and there are many other scenarios and locations where harmful gases are depleting oxygen or are deadly when consumed at excessive levels.

All Gas Detection Units (GDU’s) should be calibrated regularly as suggested by the manufacturer. We, at CalGasWarehouse, recommend performing a Bump Test every time a portable GDU is powered up for use. A Bump Test is critical, to make sure all sensors and alarms are functioning properly, right BEFORE you enter a hazardous area.

We recommend using our precision calibration gases to keep your fixed and portable units operating as they should. We also recommend using our bump gas to spray in front of these units. Click “shop now” to find the gases you need.

Bump Testing SAVES LIVES!