While many don’t consider crafting beer to be a dangerous undertaking, there are several hidden and often overlooked hazards, that come with the job. We accept that no two breweries are exactly alike but they all go through similar processes to achieve that refreshing taste we all look for.

The most common occurrences of potentially hazardous gas release happen during the actual process of combining ingredients and then the decomposition of organic material. During fermentation and maturation, Carbon Dioxide is likely to be elevated. Also, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen are used in many brewery processes where inert atmospheres are desired.

Depending on the brewery set up, harmful gases can accrue in tight spaces in the fermentation and maturation rooms if they are not properly ventilated. Large refrigeration systems are also commonplace and present a potential Ammonia hazard.

Here at CalGasWarehouse, we love our beer! We want everyone from the startup to the seasoned professionals to be aware of and account for the potential dangers surrounding the process of making beer.

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