CalGas for Agriculture

Sadly, there are tragic deaths in agriculture that could be avoided by using Gas Detection Units (GDU’s) to alert farmers to the presence of deadly gases. We don’t think of agriculture and deadly gases, as a rule, but certain applications present those dangers. The breakdown of organic materials can produce Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Fluorinated Gases that can be found in a variety of agricultural processes.

Silos and tanks are common areas where oxygen depletion or the presence of hazardous gases may occur. Carbon Monoxide build up in tanks, depending on what’s in them and other variables, can present deadly outcomes.

There was a sad reminder released in OSHA Fatal Facts No. 16 2018, that described a farmer that was lowered into an 8,000 gallon storage tank containing whey. High temps and direct sunlight likely caused the whey to decompose faster than normal. Carbon Dioxide levels were far above normal, as a result and the farmer was asphyxiated. He was simply lowered into the tank to replace a ball valve and within minutes, was deceased. A properly calibrated GDU that was bump tested just prior to entry, would have likely saved his life. The GDU would have alerted them to the danger before they lowered someone into that tank.

Any confined space is dangerous enough, but add to it, the breakdown of organic materials and you now have a recipe for danger.

Please know that calibrating your unit on time is great, but timely calibration alone, is simply guaranteeing that the units allowable ranges are not permitted to drift over time. A Bump Test should be performed EVERY time the unit is powered up for use. It will spray the harmful gases across the sensors of the GDU and verify that all sensors and alarms are working, right at that moment.

Bump testing mitigates danger and SAVES LIVES!