About Us

The CalGasWarehouse vision arose out of operating our safety supply store. We are calibration gas customers, just like you. We ran into the same troubling scenarios that you all do when looking for quick, reliable and competitive service. It was taking us weeks (sometimes longer) to get our calibration and bump gases. We used several vendors and they all seemed to be the same. They either didn’t want to sell us the gas, or if they did, it was outrageously priced. In order to deliver the top-notch service our customers expect, we needed to make a change. With some research, phone calls and good old-fashioned networking, we were introduced to Gasco Affiliates and later to Portagas/Praxair. All of our manufacturers are known for quality precision gas and quick delivery. Our manufacturers do not sell to end users which allows us to maintain relationships with our clients.

We had a need for a narrowly focused industrial gas supplier and we knew we were not alone. The vendors we were using treated industrial gas as an “also” category. They sold safety apparel, gas detectors, hardware etc. but the gas was an overpriced, underdelivered afterthought. We needed solutions in order to deliver the top-notch service our customers depend on. Our frustration became your solution and we decided to be the change the industry needed. Gasco/Airgas and Portagas/Praxair were perfect fits to deliver this business model. They wanted strictly gas focused vendors and we wanted to be direct with all of them to save our clients time and money. Born out of that need was CalGasWarehouse.com, a standalone Industrial gas store. Our primary goals with the store were to make your gas buying experience quicker, easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and simple to use. We believe that we achieved that here. There is no challenge that our expert team cannot help you overcome and no question they cannot answer.

You don’t have to wade through thousands of products to find the gas you need. Our search and filter system makes it easy to find your gas by simply entering the size and gasses on the bottle. If you have the part number on hand our cross reference data base will find your gas on our website. If your part number is not located please fill out the request form or call us at 301-698-2708. We also offer a function to repeat previous orders and save your time.

Our team has over 5 decades of experience in construction, safety, sales and service. We will be dedicating a team from our safety store whose sole endeavor will be operating CalGasWarehouse and those businesses will be run completely separate from one another. We are excited to partner with these industry heavyweights and are of the few industrial gas focused businesses around. We think you will find that our ease of use, speed of service, quality and competitive pricing will parallel what our manufacturers have been doing in the industry for years and will be unrivaled in other offerings available today.

If you are an existing customer, thank you and welcome home! If you are new to CalGasWarehouse, we look forward to establishing a relationship you can rely on!

If you read this far, your gas could have already been on the way, now go buy your gas!